I’m Deb Anderson and you’ve arrived at Debs-list.com.
My husband and I have lived on the coast of Ecuador for 11? years.   Before I came to Ecuador, I held leadership positions in both retail and non-profit, most recently Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  Since moving here, we have been blessed to have so many great friends, both Expats and Local Ecuadorians.
Deb’s list has been a way for all of us to stay connected and to help each other live a new and exciting life in Ecuador.  The list was started 10 years ago by two of our friends, Dave and Heather, to connect what was, at that time, a very small expat community.  When Dave and Heather moved away, they asked me if I could continue what had become a valuable tool to keep us connected.  What started 10 years ago, with 40 people, is now a list of over 600 members!
I am proud of the list and the mission that it serves creating the tool for our Members to help others, enhance our community, share information/ news, and to help each other to live life to its fullest here in Ecuador.
For many years, Deb’s list has lived in email.  Due to it’s success and size, I’m excited to see its evolution, becoming a better tool for us to use accomplishing this mission.  Thanks to all for the support of the list now and in the future!

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